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This tale of two best friends and a basketball game, comes down to watching the clock in the final game!

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Each of our books fulfills a dream for its author. For new Peppermint Books' author & lillustrator, Jeff Berg, his dream was inspired by a question his daughter asked him about Christmas and vampires. He wrote a story and illustrated it himself. When she asked why it couldn't be a "real book," Jeff turned to Peppermint Books to make it a reality. Check out his accomplishment, Mrs. Claus & The Batty Christmas .


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Peppermint Books is a children’s book publisher that specializes in guiding clients through a multi-step process to self-publish their books. We are experienced publishing professionals who have edited, designed, and marketed more than 1,500 books. Our sister imprint, Fife Books, publishes books for adults.




We're proud to announce the publication:
Mrs. Claus & The Batty Christmas
Written & illustrated by Jeff Berg
Available November, 1st.

Santa’s elves decide to stay on vacation after Halloween, but Santa needs help on Christmas Eve. Mrs. Claus comes to the rescue by calling on vampire bats to help deliver presents and stuff stockings. Illustrated in colorful, graphic-novel panels, this story answers the question “How do vampires get their presents if they’re up all night?”